Welcome to the MotorLab software โ€“ we hope you will enjoy using this product. Once you have installed the software correctly, each lab can be selected from the drop down menu on the main screen (see image below). 




For most labs, the instruction panel has control parameters in grey text at the bottom of the screen. These allow you to customize your labs and change variables such as the number of trials, testing blocks, error tolerance, reaction time cutoff, etc. Please note that the Excel Data Analysis Resource files are designed for the lab defaults and any changes to these values may require modification of the Excel sheet and graph.


Upon completion of each lab, you will be prompted to save the results in a text datafile on your computer. Note that we have disabled the ability to overwrite datafiles with the same name so if you run the lab multiple times you will need to either delete the old datafile or give the new datafile a different name (e.g., โ€œversion2โ€). Most data files contain multiple dependent measures such as reaction time, error score, movement time, etc., and typically include both trial-by-trial data and mean values. Note that when responses are labelled as correct or not, they are coded as either a โ€œ1โ€ for correct and โ€œ0โ€ for error.




Clicking on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the main MotorLab app screen will bring up a "preferences" window where you can customize your preferred language (currently only English or French), preferred keyboard layout, and select a different theme / colour scheme.



There are 22 labs in total and each lab has the following ancillary materials:

  • Lab Instruction PowerPoint document that provides learning outcomes, a brief background on the lab topic, and instructions pertaining to data collection and analysis.
  • Lab Activity Word document that can be used as a template for your lab assignment, including an Introduction, Results, and Discussion section.
  • Data Analysis Excel document that includes a raw data sheet you can cut and paste raw data from the exported datafile and create graphs, as well as a blank graph you can use for your students, if completing labs using pen and paper.
  • Lab Activity Answer Key that provides sample answers to the Discussion questions.
  • Lab Activity Sample Quiz questions and answers that you can use to test your studentโ€™s understanding of the lab topic.

Note: Resource materials are available for instructors only Upon Request:



We welcome your feedback on the MotorLab program, which may include bug fixes or suggestions for future lab activities. Please Contact Us to provide any feedback.