*Verified Primary Instructors Only: The MotorLab suite includes FREE teaching resources for all the labs, which compliment and extend the computer-based lab experience modules. 

Each lab experience has associated introduction slides that include instructions for running the lab, as well as  lab activity worksheets, and a data input template.

The Laboratory activity worksheets for most labs are also available in French language (translation provided by Anne-Josée Beaudoin, Université de Sherbrooke).

The teaching resources are available to verified instructors upon request. Click the button below to request the resources pack and indicate if you would like the French language version. 

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Lab introduction slides
Each lab has an associated slideshow (Microsoft PowerPoint format) that introduces the concepts to be explored, and provides instructions on running the lab and entering the collected data.
Laboratory activity worksheets

Each lab comes with a fully customizable 3-4 page lab activity worksheet (Microsoft Word format) that includes background information, provides instructions on collecting and entering the data, and presents 3-4 questions to assess knowledge and understanding Answer keys are also provided.

Data entry templates
Each lab includes a data entry spreadsheet template (Microsoft Excel format) that provides example data and graphs, and (where applicable) has preset calculations for converting raw data into outcome variables.
Quiz questions

Multiple-choice quiz questions (4-6 per lab) are provided along with associated answer keys.