.rpm Linux Update

Please ensure you have previously installed MotorLab before using the update. For a new install please see the Downloads page

Step 1:

Download the MotorLab app rpm package

Step 2:

Use the terminal to install the packages

See below for Important details

1. In your distribution open a shell terminal. In CentOS this can be found in the shelf on the left, or by clicking on Applications and searching for Terminal. 

version 2022.2.0

2. Copy and Paste (Ctrl+Shift+V) the following command into the terminal to navigate to the Downloads folder (Alternatively navigate to the appropriate folder where your downloads are saved).

cd ~/Downloads

3. Use the following command to install the MotorLab app (this step will also require your admin password).

sudo rpm -iv --force MotorLab-2022.2.0-2.x86_64.rpm

4. The MotorLab app (lightbulb icon) can now be found in your applications menu.