.rpm Linux Download

Please Note
Do NOT purchase a license for this Beta version until successfully installed and you have confirmed that the version runs on your system (see step 10 below).
The packages on this page are suitable for Linux distributions based on RPM packages (e.g. CentOS, SUSE linux, Fedora, etc.)

Step 1:

Download the MotorLab .zip package

Step 3:

Use the terminal to install the packages

See below for Important details

1. In your distribution open a shell terminal. In CentOS this can be found in the shelf on the left, or by clicking on Applications and searching for Terminal. 

version 2024.3.0

2. Copy and Paste (Ctrl+Shift+V) the following command into the terminal to navigate to the Downloads folder (Alternatively navigate to the appropriate folder where your downloads are saved).

cd ~/Downloads

3. Use the following command in the terminal to create a MotorLab subfolder:

mkdir MotorLab

4. Type or paste the following command into the terminal to move the downloaded .zip file to the MotorLab subfolder:

mv MotorLab_2024.3.0_rpm.zip MotorLab

5. Navigate to the MotorLab folder:

cd MotorLab

6. Use the following command to extract the MotorLab installer files to the current folder: 

unzip MotorLab_2024.3.0_rpm.zip

7. Use the following command to install the MotorLab app (this step will also require your admin password).

sudo rpm -iUv --force *.rpm

9. The MotorLab app (lightbulb icon) can now be found in your applications menu.


10. On launch MotorLab will request that you provide a license code.

You can purchase a license HERE