MacOS package installation instructions

1. Open the downloads folder, or other folder where the MotorLab installation package has been downloaded, and double-click on the .pkg file (MotorLab20210.04_MacOS.pkg).

2. If you receive a prompt that the MotorLab package cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, you may need to modify your security settings. See next step

Alternatively, follow the instructions provided by Apple here:


3. In "system Preferences" select Security & Privacy.


4. Under the General tab, click on "Open Anyway"

you may need to click the lock and enter your administrator password to make changes.


5. Another warning will appear, choose "Open"


6. You will be presented with an installation guide. Click Continue and follow the installation prompts.


7. You may be required to supply an Administrator password again.


8. Read and accept the License agreement.


9. You will be notified once the installation successfully completes.


10. The MotorLab app can then be started by double clicking on the MotorLab icon in the Applications folder or Launchpad


11. MotorLab will request that you provide a license code . Click OK, Note the program will not function (yet). MotorLab will provide a message saying Program Disabled


12. Download the MacOS August Patch package HEREOpen the  folder where the Patch installation package has been downloaded, and double-click on the .pkg file (MotorLab_Aug2021.pkg). If you see a message the cannot be opened because "it is from an unidentified developer", you  need to modify your security settings (see steps 2-5 above).


13. Follow the Installation instructions for the Patch Program (similar to steps 6-9 above).

14. The MLLicense Patch app can then be started by double clicking on the MLLicense icon in the Applications folder or Launchpad.


15.  Click "OK" to update your license. MotorLab can then be launched normally from the Launchpad or Apps folder. Note it is now safe to delete the MLLicense app and .pkg file.


16.  If you receive a message stating "No license file found" it means that you did not install and run MotorLab prior to trying to run the installation patch. Make sure to follow steps 10 and 11 first.