.deb Linux Update

Please ensure you have previously installed MotorLab before using the update. For a new install please see the Downloads page

Step 1:

Download the Updated Linux app

Step 2:

Use the terminal to install the packages

See below for Important details

1. In your distribution open a shell terminal. In Ubuntu this can be found in the shelf on the left, or by clicking on Applications and searching for Terminal. 

version 2022.2.0

2. Paste the following command into the terminal (Ctrl+Shift+V) to navigate to the Downloads folder (Alternatively navigate to the appropriate folder where your downloads are saved).

cd ~/Downloads

3. Use the following command to install all of the new .deb files (this step will require your admin password).

sudo dpkg -i MotorLab_2021.2.0-1_amd64.deb

4. The MotorLab app (lightbulb icon) can now be found in your applications menu.