Data Usage



By default, the MotorLab app will send your lab output data to MotorLab once you complete a lab activity. This data only includes only the performance / error data in the file that you save to your computer upon completion of a lab activity. There is no information in the file about you or your location, and this is completely anonymous, For example, depending on the lab activity the the data file may include the number of trials completed, percentage of errors, reaction time, etc., but does not identify you in any way.


The data are collected to help create "population" data sets (or normative data) to allow instructors and/or students to be able to compare their individual or class data to a larger set of results collected from a much larger population. Access to this normative data will be provided on this website (and in a future update of MotorLab) for free.




If you choose, you can opt out of sending your individual performance data to MotorLab. Clicking on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the main MotorLab app screen will bring up a "preferences" window (see below).

Under the information pane in the center of the screen there is a checkbox that will allow you to opt in (checked) or opt out (unchecked) of sending your anonymous (de-identified) performance data from your lab results back to MotorLab, Please note that there is no way to identify any individual from the data that is sent back, and the data will only be used to create "population" normative data sets - that is comparison data that can be used to compare your individual data against what a larger data sample shows.